Why It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Swim

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No matter what your age or fitness level is, swimming will always be full of benefits available for anyone who wants to include it as part of their routine. Regular swimming practice will bring back your cardio game, improving your health and fitness and this low impact exercise allows people who suffer from arthritis or chronic pain to gain many benefits from it. Have we mentioned how calm and relaxed you can feel after a swimming session? Here are some of our top reasons why it is never too late to learn to swim!

Improves Health

Swimming uses all the muscles in your body and because this exercise is done in water, your body works harder burning all those unwanted calories in a full-body workout. Swimming for half an hour is equivalent to 45 minutes of a regular workout and a gentle swim will help you burn up to 200 calories in just 30 minutes. Furthermore, 90% of the bodyweight is supported by water, which means that swimming may help you heal any strained or sore muscles.

Swimming lowers the risk of some diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart diseases. That is because swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood and results in a more efficient and healthy heart! Swimming increasing the metabolic rate will boost the energy levels and you’ll feel more energized and won’t get tired quickly.

It is Relaxing

Being in the water is very calming, and you’ll definitely find that you’re calmer as soon as you immerse yourself in water. Water is proven to be relaxing to us as it induces a boost of neurochemicals that improves wellness, increases blood flow to our heart and brain and makes us feel calmer. When you’re exercising, you’re more mindful of how your body works, and you’re focused on being steady with your breathing, which gives you a good diversion and calms your mind so that you can make the most of your exercise. Swimming frequently will bring you a better sleeping pattern, reduced stress levels as well as reduced anxiety.

Results in Psychological Benefits

Our brain and body will automatically increase a lot of chemical agents when we are exercising. More specifically, exercising releases endorphins into our bloodstream creating a feeling of excitement, joy, positivity and an overall good feeling about ourselves. You will help to overcome your own stress by merely incorporating physical activity to your everyday schedule!

Several studies have found that being more involved can help to decrease depressive symptoms. So get on your bathers and boost your mental health swimming!

It Saves Lives

Researches show that a significant number of people in Australia will enter adulthood without learning how to swim, thereby having the likelihood of putting their lives in danger when swimming in open water. Royal Life Saving Australia reported that 276 people faced fatal drowning between 2018 and 2019 and it is estimated that 584 people experienced a non-fatal drowning incident. Learning necessary survival swimming skills can reduce the risks of drowning and save lives.

If babies can learn…

Then it is certain that anyone can learn how to swim, including adults! It is never too late to learn to swim. Swimming is a great life skill to have that will bring you many benefits alongside saving lives.

Get on board with our swimming classes for adults, email lakelands@westswim.com.au!

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