Top 5 Family Friendly Things To Do In Lakelands

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As summer approaches the warmer weather is always a great reason to leave the house and explore the options available to entertain the entire family. To help you with some ideas on how to spend some quality time with your family, we’ve put together a list of our favourite 5 family-friendly things to do around the Lakelands area.

We’ve put together a list to help you discover a wide range of new family-friendly things to do from indoor to outdoor activities that will keep every member of your family amused!

  1. King Carnival

Take your family to have some fun at King Carnival for an adventure golf course, arcade games, and fun rides! King Carnival has 18 holes along the golf course and offers a variety of food at their kiosk to replenish your family. You can treat yourself with some fresh daily made donuts, gourmet hotdogs, and refreshing slushies for the entire family!

King Carnival is located on the scenic and lovely Mandurah Estuary and the park is one of the oldest, historical amusement sites in Western Australia. The park is open 7 days during school holidays from 10am to 5pm subject to weather.

  1. Amaze Miniature Park

This fantastic attraction includes an extensive show of miniature buildings and railways on a scale model. Most of the miniatures are reproductions of historic buildings from the United Kingdom and Germany’s Abingdon Village. It is a stunning must-see destination to explore, set within four acres of beautiful ornamental gardens. The entry to the park includes a range from activities across a secret garden, circular maze, hedge maze, lakes, playgrounds, 12-hole mini-golf course and other incredible activities.

Finish off your day at the Decadent C’s Chocolate Factory/Cafe across the road for some beautiful treats for your family.

  1. Dolphin Cruises & Marine Adventures

Hop in a boat cruise to spot dolphins along the coast with options to cruise for an hour, half-day or full-day. The tour options vary from sightseeing and city highlights, encountering playful dolphins, Christmas Lights cruise, and more.

The cruises will let you explore more than 20km of memorable canals lined by luxury residences and then sail through the vast wetlands of the countryside, protected by the United Nations as a natural place of global significance. You can also see major heritage-listed buildings and vital cultural sites that still remain today.

To keep your kids entertained, the captains can ask your kids for a little help to steer from the custom steering wheel at the front of the boat!

  1. Trees Adventure

Head to a tree rope and ziplining experience that will challenge your family for a few hours! Trees Adventure has a thrilling obstacle course high up in the tree canopy with all the family spinning, jumping, scrambling, and soaring around the forest – encouraging thrill-seekers and nature lovers to encounter trees like never before!

This adventurous session runs for 2.5h including proper equipment and training and kids must be 4 years old or older to go on this adventure.

  1. Mandurah Instagram Trail

Last but not least, prepare your camera and go for a family walk to discover the art scene in Mandurah. Follow the map to the Mandurah Instagram Trail and discover 3D arts, sculptures, and stunning views of the area that will bring lasting memories for your family.

There are 8 different spots along the trail to take a snap and to explore surrounded by incredible nature, restaurants and cafes and beautiful sunsets.


Say hello to summer with peace of mind and take your family to the memorable activities listed above. We hope you enjoy your fun family time!

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