Craigie Swim Fit

Structured squad programme for fun and fitness

WestSwim, wholly owned business unit of Swimming WA, operates a swim fit programme from the Craigie Leisure Centre. This will commence on 5th August 2019.

The Swim Fit programme caters for swimmers who would like to participate in a structured squad programme but not necessarily compete in pool competitions. The Swim Fit programme is perfect for all swimmers who enjoy swimming for fun and fitness but do not wish to compete.

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Squad Times

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Senior Swim Fit AM 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30
Senior Swim Fit PM 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 3.00-4.00
Junior Swim Fit 9-12yrs PM 3.45-4.30 3.45-4.30 3.45-4.30 3.45-4.30
Junior Swim Fit 12-15yrs PM 4.30-5.30 4.30-5.30 4.30-5.30 4.30-5.30
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