Craigie Swim Fit Squads

WestSwim operate three SwimFit Squads at Craigie Leisure Centre for junior swimmers through to adults.  The SwimFit squads are perfect for swimmers who enjoy swimming for health and fitness, or are looking to compete in school swimming, surf club, open water or triathlon events.

A SwimFit swimmer can also be very competitive at WA State level in these squads, by consistently attending three or more sessions per week. Swimmers in the 9 to 13 years squad will swim up to 1500 metres, the 13 to 18 years squad up to 2500m, and the senior squad up to 5000m in each training session with a mix of all swimming strokes and skills. Swimmers are coached by a qualified and experienced swimming coach on the side of the pool.   Some training equipment is provided but swimmers are recommended to bring their own swimming mesh bag with flippers (long), pull buoy and kickboard so swimmers can changeover quickly between sets.

Please Contact Us to discuss your swimming history, needs and goals and book a complimentary squad assessment here:
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Squad Times

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Senior Swim Fit AM 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30
Senior Swim Fit PM 5.30-7.30 5.30-7.30 3.00-4.00
Junior Swim Fit 9-12yrs PM 3.45-4.30 3.45-4.30 3.45-4.30 3.45-4.30
Junior Swim Fit 12-15yrs PM 4.30-5.30 4.30-5.30 4.30-5.30 4.30-5.30
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